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1 of 7 Parents Dropping off and Collecting Students from Castle Rushen High School —Please DO NOT use the Southern Swimming Pool Car Park to collect or drop off students. The Swimming Pool Car Park is only for patrons using the pool facility and is NOT part of Castle Rushen High School. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

The Geography Department intends to take the Year 10 iGCSE groups on a study visit before the TT holidays.

This will involve studying the River Neb between Foxdale and Peel and will occupy the whole school day.

2 trips are due to take place, the first being with Miss Metcalfe's and Miss Goddard's group departing on Tuesday 21st May, and the seond trip being with Mr Williams's group on Thursday 23rd May.

The attached letters detail the trip information and requires a parental permission slip and a Form 'C' to be completed and returned to school before 17th May 2019.

Below is the letter regarding the trip with Miss Metcalfe and Miss Goddard's Geography groups on Tuesday 21st May.


Below is the letter regarding the trip with Mr Williams's Geography group on Thursday 23rd May.


Below is the Form C to complete


The students will be given these letters in lessons on 2nd May to bring home.