Castle Rushen High School

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A student may be taken out of school for up to a maximum of 10 days during term time. Beyond that, all absences other than for illness are regarded as being unauthorised. The way in which the National Curriculum now operates makes it increasingly difficult for teachers to give children the opportunity to cover those areas missed through absence.

Requests for leave of absence must be submitted in writing, via a holiday request form, if it is your intention to take your child on holiday during term time. The request for leave during term time needs to have been authorised by the Headteacher before commencement of the holiday.

In some instances the cumulative effect of holidays and absence through illness can have serious implications with regard to progress and levels achieved. All absences, both authorised and unauthorised will be recorded and reported to parents throughout the year.

In the event of absence from school, parents should contact the school office before 8:15 am on the first day of absence, telephone number is 693500 selecting option 1 for attendance. Alternately the absence could be reported via

It is very important for the school to be notified by telephone if a student is to be absent from school at short notice. Details of the reason for absence and an approximate estimation of how long the absence is likely to last will be asked. If you are aware in advance that your child is going to be absent, please notify the school. If the school is not informed of an absence the school’s attendance officer will contact the parents/guardians to inquire as to why a student is not in school.

If your child has had a sickness type of illness, it is important that you allow a period of 48 hours to elapse after the sickness has finished before sending them back to school. Such action will help to prevent the infection spreading unnecessarily to others in the school.

The late arrival of students to school causes unnecessary disruption to the classes and creates difficulties with regard to registration and any notices which may need to be given. The school bell rings at 8.58 am so that students can commence to their tutor areas. Registration then commences at 9:00 am with the second bell ringing at this time.

Please note that students arriving late will be given a ’late mark’ and parents will be informed if the frequency of “late marks” and sanctions then applied to students as the need arises. Students arriving after the bell has gone should report their arrival to the school office. Late arrivals for medical appointments are perfectly understandable but it would help if you could let the school know in advance if possible.