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1 of 7 Parents Dropping off and Collecting Students from Castle Rushen High School —Please DO NOT use the Southern Swimming Pool Car Park to collect or drop off students. The Swimming Pool Car Park is only for patrons using the pool facility and is NOT part of Castle Rushen High School. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Canteen Options Week 6 and 1-6 - 12 April - May

Available every day - Soup, salad, jacket potatoes with hot or cold fillings, sandwiches and paninis. Vegetarian options available daily. Please be aware that items may be substituted depending on availability of produce.

Chips are only served on Tuesdays and Fridays. Small portions and pasta available each day.

Week 6 1st-5th April
Gammon steak, potatoes, vegetables, gravy

Chilli & rice

Quorn in Arrabbiata sauce & pasta
Chicken wraps

Beef burgers

Vegetarian sausage rolls
Roast chicken, vegetables, gravy, potatoes

Pasta bolognaise
Quorn roast dinner
Chicken satay & noodles

Beef stew & vegetables, mash

Homity pie
Hot dogs

Pulled pork

Cheese & onion quiche
Week 1 22nd - 26th April Bank Holiday

Chicken nuggets

Fish cakesCheese Quiche

Garlic Chicken & rice

Minced beef & mash

Mac cheese

Pasta Bolognaise

Steak pie,pots ,veg,gravy

Quorn sweet and sour


Chicken tikka & rice

Quorn sausages

Week 2 29th April - 3rd May Chilli & rice


Quorn pasta bake

Hot dogs & onions

Fish goujons

Quorn korma & rice

Roast beef dinner

Sweet & sour pork & rice

Quorn Roast dinner

Lasagne & salad & garlic bread

Chicken fried rice

Vegetarian lasagne

Satay chicken

Lamb burgers

Veg meatballs

Week 3 6th - 10th May Bank Holiday Beef in pepper sauce


Veg Slice

Chicken Cordon Bleu & pots,vegBeef balti & riceQuorn Ratatouille Roast chicken dinnerLamb kebabsNut roast dinner Sausage Aribbaitta & pastaBattered fishQuorn s/f burgers
Week 4 13th - 17th May Toad in the Hole,pots,veg&gravy

Pasta Bolognaise

Quorn fried rice

BBQ pork steak

Chicken korma & rice

Quorn enchiladas

Chicken and garlic butter, pots, veg

Beef Stroganoff & rice

Cheese pie

All day breakfast

Chicken wrap

Veg all day breakfast

Beef burgers

Fish cakes

Quorn satay

Week 5 20th - 24th May

Meatballs & pasta

Sausage, Mash & veg & gravy

Quorn balti & rice

Chicken nuggets

Battered fish

Mac cheese

Lasagne & salad & garlic bread

Chicken fried rice

Quorn in Arrabbiata sauce

Chinese chicken& rice & prawn crackers

Pork steak,veg,pots

Quorn lasagne

Chips, cheese & gravy

Fish goujons

Meat free sausage rolls
Week 6 27th - 31st May Bank Holiday In-Service Day T.T T.T T.T

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