Castle Rushen High School

Care, Quality, Opportunity

Castle Rushen High School is proud to announce a new partnership with Scuffs R Us, a local auto body repair business. The partnership provides small group lessons to interested students who are looking to pursue a skill-based career. These lessons are held once a week and Steve from Scuffs R Us delivers the lessons at CRHS. This relatively new initiative has been well-received by the students taking part in the program. The students are able to gain valuable hands-on experience in the auto body repair field while also learning important skills that will help them in their future career. The program offers a way for students to explore a potential career path and to gain experience that could ultimately help them to achieve their career goals. The partnership between CRHS and Scuffs R Us is a great way for students to gain valuable knowledge and gain a unique skill set experience that could benefit them for years to come.