Castle Rushen High School

Care, Quality, Opportunity

Welcome to Castle Rushen High School’s website. We are a friendly and caring 11-18 learning community situated in the picturesque town of Castletown in the Isle of Man. Our approach to education is summed up by 3 core principles: Care, Opportunity and Quality.

The agreed approach is to apply these words to all that we do and in doing so we value all individuals equally, with the ultimate aim of helping our students secure a suitable pathway to success once they have left school. Staff and students enjoy their teaching and learning and we all work hard to get the best possible outcomes and for everyone to enjoy their journey through our school.

This website is relatively new, so please forgive any sections that are still under construction.

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Year 10 Core Subject Exams Week commencing 24th June
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Year_10_mock_exam_letter.pdf Maths End_Year_10_Exam.docx English IGCSE_English_Language_Year_10_Mock_Info_2019.doc IGCSE_Lang_2020_poster.docx IGCSE_Outline_2018_2020_summary_Core.docx IGCSE_Outline_2018_2020_summary_Higher_and_Intermediate.docx Lit_Set_Text_Poster_2020.docx Science …

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