Castle Rushen High School

Care, Quality, Opportunity

It is always inspiring to hear about young people taking initiative and making a positive impact in their communities. Recently, students from CRHS participated in the 2023 Charity Challenge Final and demonstrated just how powerful the youth can be in promoting change.

One World Charity Challenge is coordinated by the One World Centre, Isle of Man. The Challenge sets out to give Year 12 students a greater understanding of the developing world through researching the work of a charity working overseas. Students working in teams are challenged to choose a charity working overseas, which is either Manx registered or a small UK based charity. Students then research the work of the charity and interview representatives from the charity. They must put together a 10 – 12 minute multi-media presentation which examines the effectiveness of their charity, shows cultural understanding and looks at the impact the charity has had on someone’s life.

This year, Harry, Isabelle, and Jessica presented their project on Hospice Africa, a non-profit organisation that provides palliative care to those suffering from life-limiting illnesses in Uganda.

Their presentation was well-received by the judges and audience, and as a result, they were able to raise £700 for the cause. This is an impressive feat for a group of high school students, and their dedication to making a difference is truly admirable.

It is important to note that the impact of their presentation goes beyond just the money raised. By sharing their project with others, they have also raised awareness about the importance of palliative care and the work that Hospice Africa is doing to provide it to those in need. This increased awareness can lead to more support for the organisation, which can in turn lead to improved care for patients.

In a world where it can be easy to feel powerless against the challenges we face, it is heartening to see young people stepping up and making a difference. The CRHS students who participated in the 2023 Charity Challenge have shown us that no matter our age, we can all contribute to creating a better world.