Castle Rushen High School

Care, Quality, Opportunity

Parents/carers are reminded of the importance of speaking to their children about their online activity. The ‘Momo Challenge’ is particularly disturbing and distressing, causing a serious risk to the safety, welfare and well-being of children and young people.


  • Players are encouraged to contact Momo (a disfigured character) and provide their mobile number
  • They will then receive instructions to perform a series of challenges, via SMS or Whatsapp
  • Participation leads to abusive messaging and their mobile device being hacked
  • The final challenge is to commit suicide in order to meet ‘Mother Bird’

Children and young people will be seeing images and made aware of the challenge through various platforms (YouTube, Minecraft, Playstation etc). It is crucial that there are continued discussions as similar ‘challenges’ will emerge in the future.

For more information please follow this link, but please be aware this article does include the 'Momo' picture which you may find disturbing