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Family Holidays

Students are not normally permitted to take holidays during term time. The only exception allowed by the Department of Education and Children is for parents to request permission in advance for their own child(ren) to accompany them on an annual family holiday not exceeding 10 school days in one school year. Requests for holidays that do not meet this requirement will be refused and counted as an authorised absence. Please note that this specifically excludes children going on holiday with their friends and without their parent(s).

Holiday forms are available to download above, or from reception. Please give as much notice as possible (at least two weeks). Students should arrange with subject teachers to collect essential work in advance and make themselves aware of deadlines that cannot be missed.

It is never advisable to remove students from school during periods of preparation for external examinations or approaching coursework deadlines. Year 11, 12 and 13 students really have no justification for taking holidays during term time at all.

All other kinds of authorised absence (other than that due to illness, medical or dental appointments and family illness or bereavement) should be notified on a holiday form in advance by completing the section referring to recognised educational activities (e.g. study visits abroad, competitive sport and art, representing the Island for an organisation). The school is happy to authorise this kind of absence.

Did you know…

The school year is 190 days or 38 weeks long…

90% attendance may sound great, but it means 20 days off in reality, each year, or one and a half terms over the whole of secondary school!

80% attendance means 40 days off in a year!

Academically it makes a difference to students’ grades…

Studies* have shown that a pupil who misses 17 days of school a year will drop at least ONE GCSE GRADE!

At CRHS we would like every student to have an above 95% attendance rate to give them the best possible chance at achieving.

*Glasgow University; Understanding Truancy – Links between attendance, truancy and performance