Castle Rushen High School

Care, Quality, Opportunity

Good afternoon,

I hope you have had an enjoyable summer and you and your family are looking forward to school starting again on Wednesday.

We have today received suggested Covid guidance from DESC for the return of all island school students on 8th September.

The guidance is much along the lines that we followed in the latter part of last year (wash hands, ensure good ventilation, isolate if unwell, good general hygiene etc.) but two more Government mitigations now apply and these are:

• Encourage students to test twice a week using LFDs, starting one week before schools open.
• Encourage students to wear face coverings when moving around school premises (indoors).

Based on this advice I would encourage students to self-test each week and wear a facemask when moving around the school. Please obtain any LFT’s required from a pharmacy or order them online. We do have a small supply of facemasks in school, but we have not been informed of any further deliveries at present so, again, do please provide your own if you can.

In addition to the above, IOM Government has identified the four groups of students who are classified as clinically vulnerable. These are those students who currently have any of the following conditions:

• Severe neurodisability (which could include cerebral palsy, autism or epilepsy)
• Down’s syndrome
• A severely weakened immune system (including some children with cancer)
• Profound and multiple learning difficulties.

Although we already have records for each child it would be useful to have the most recent information, please do let us know via if your son/daughter is in one of these groups.

I look forward to seeing all our students back in school next week.


Mr K Winstanley
Head Teacher
Castle Rushen High School