Castle Rushen High School

Care, Quality, Opportunity

On Monday 1st July, Year 9 students will be taking part in a PSHE Drop down day.

During the day, their normal timetabled lessons will be suspended and students will take part in interactive sessions delivered by the Police, Isle Listen, DEFA, Motiv8 and DESC. The aim of the day is to build on students’ understanding of how their choices can shape their lives, whilst making stronger connections with outside agencies.

Students will need to be in full school uniform and will follow the structure of the school day, so will go to registration as normal before going to their first allocated lesson. Students will then attend the various sessions on a carousel. If Students usually buy food in the canteen they will need their dinner card; however they will not need to bring their usual school books to school, just something to write with.

The Year 9 Drop Down Day is run in Secondary Schools island-wide with a great success rate. Our students often tell us afterwards what fun they had during the day and how they enjoyed the opportunity to ask meaningful questions to the various speakers. Please click the link below to view the information leaflet.

Year 9 Drop Down Day Leaflet

We hope your child enjoys the day as much as previous students have.