Castle Rushen High School

Care, Quality, Opportunity

On Thursday 11th July the school will close at 12.45pm due to the Southern 100 Road Races.

The buses will run as follows:

(From the CRHS turning circle unless shown otherwise)

1248 Service 12a to Shore Road and Port St Mary (timetabled service)

1250 Service 11a to Douglas (timetabled service)

1250 Service 14 to Ballamodha and Higher Foxdale (timetabled service - minibus)

1308 Service 1 to Colby and Port Erin (timetabled service)

1310 Service 2 to Douglas (timetabled service)

1310 Service 66 to Ballasalla, St Marks, Braaid and Douglas

1310 Service 64 to Ronague and Colby Glen

1310 Service 63 to Colby, Bay View Road and Bradda

If there are any pupils for Lower Foxdale, St Johns or Peel they can travel on either the Service 66 (to Braaid) or the Service 14 (to Higher Foxdale) and transfer to the Service 14b which is due at Braaid at 1337 and Higher Foxdale at 1344.

Please note the timetabled services will have limited space – particularly travelling towards Douglas and Foxdale where these journeys also pick up members of the public at Castletown Square.

Pupils travelling to Janet's Corner or Ballasalla should only travel on the Service 66.