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A Level Performing Arts Year 13


Term of Study

Topic Covered


Autumn Term

Unit will be selected from the list below according to the cohort demands, skills and interest…

  • Classical Ballet Technique
  • Tap Dance Technique
  • Jazz Dance Technique
  • Street Dance Technique
  • Contemporary Dance Technique
  • Interpreting Classical Text for Performance
  • Acting Styles
  • Developing the Voice for Performance
  • Improvisation
  • Movement in Performance
  • Musical Theatre Techniques
  • Variety Performance


60 Guided Learning hours

  • Assessment content per unit demand

Spring Term

  • Unit 3: Group Performance Workshop
  • Explore and integrate creative, physical and vocal skills and techniques
  • Working collaboratively to create a performance in response to a given stimulus
  • Understand how to interpret and respond to stimulus for a group performance
  • Develop and realise creative ideas for a group performance in response to stimulus
  • Apply personal management and collaborative skills to a group performance workshop process
  • Apply performance skills to communicate creative intentions during performance workshop
  • Review and reflect on the effectiveness of the working process and the workshop performance




120 Guided Learning hours

  • The supervised assessment period will be completed in five hours, during these five hours the student must complete a written log of 4 milestone stages in the devising process, alongside presenting a final performance

  • In groups that consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of seven members, learners will respond to the stimulus and develop the performance workshop for an invited audience.

  • The group workshop performance will last between 10 and 20 minutes

  • Learners will submit a digital process log completed at four milestone stages during the development process

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