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Sixth Form Pathways

We are sorry that lockdown has meant the cancellation of the 2021 Sixth Form Pathways Evening which was scheduled for Wednesday 10 March.

It is important to know whether Year 11 Students intend to stay on into our Sixth Form, and if so the subjects they might study, or otherwise what they wish for their next steps. We need to gather this information and so will be running our initial Options process remotely between now and the Easter Holidays, which is when it would normally take place. The choices indicated now are not binding but allow us to provide support to students who may need it and help us with our curriculum planning.

Please find below our Sixth Form Options Booklet which contains important information:

Entry requirements and how to choose subjects

Pages 3 and 4 describe our general entry requirements for Sixth Form Study and how to choose subjects. Many subjects also require specific grades at GCSE because we know these are important for success. The subject-specific requirements are listed on Page 6.

If you would like to discuss your son/daughter’s potential eligibility for Sixth Form study please telephone 693500 or email

Subject details

Pages 7 – 33 describe the subjects which we offer. Some of these are run collaboratively with time being spent at Queen Elizabeth High School, Peel, or Ramsey Grammar School. You will see which subjects are expected to be taught collaboratively from the options form. There is also some more information on Page 4.

Getting help with choices

Whilst some students will already have firm ideas about their choices, many will not. We are very happy to help students individually by making contact with them during lockdown to talk about their options. There is a box on the options form where this can be requested.

Letting us know your choices

Mr Danielson, Curriculum Lead, is responsible for our options and signing on processes. He will work closely with Mrs Astin, Head of Sixth Form. Your son/daughter will receive the options form as an electronic Google Form. Submitting that is our preferred method for completion. It is also possible to print out the attached pdf version of the form, fill it in, take a picture and email that to or for your son/daughter simply to send an email indicating their choices to that address. We are seeking initial responses by Monday 22 March, please.

We really appreciate that being unable to host the Pathways Evening is far from ideal for students, especially when compounded with the complications caused by the pandemic over the course of their study. For now it’s about gathering some initial information, helping students through the coming few months, and then picking this up again once GCSE results are available in August. We are on hand to advise and support throughout.

Sixth Form Options Booklet 2021

Options Form 2021

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