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1 of 7 Parents Dropping off and Collecting Students from Castle Rushen High School —Please DO NOT use the Southern Swimming Pool Car Park to collect or drop off students. The Swimming Pool Car Park is only for patrons using the pool facility and is NOT part of Castle Rushen High School. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Castle Rushen High School Cashless Catering

Students are issued with a lunch card at the beginning of year 7. Replacement cards are available to purchase at the school reception for £3.50

Funds for food can be credited to a students account using either:

  • Using the Cashless Catering Letterbox situated at the school reception. Accounts are credited through School at approximately 10.30, and then again before Lunchtime. Cheques should be made payable to 'Isle of Man Government'.
  • The Lunch Money Loaders situated outside the School Library, and in the Dinning Hall.


  • Using an active ParentPay account - payments are made online at a time to suit you, eliminating the need for students to bring cash/cheques into school. Parents are able to check dinner money balances and to view items purchased in the canteen. To register for ParentPay, please complete the form below and return to the school office (forms are also available from school reception). You will then receive a letter through the post with a username and password, along with directions to the ParentPay website and account activation instructions.


Student Catering price list


Sample 4 Week Menu

Below is a sample of Castle Rushen High School Menu choices based over 4 weeks


In addition the Castle Rushen High School Canteen offers a daily meal deal.

For £2.85 students can have:

A choice of the hot meal of the day

A dessert or a small bottle of water / carton of juice.


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