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Year 8 Drama

Year 8 DRAMA

Term of Study

Topic Covered


Autumn Term 1

Forum Theatre, including:

  • Boal – key practitioner
  • Using improvisation to solve issues
  • Cause and effect
  • Community Theatre
  • Inspiring Assessment

Autumn Term 2

Playwriting, including:

  • Twisting traditional fairytales
  • Development of plot lines
  • Understanding structure
  • Character and theme
  • Performing Assessment

Spring Term 1

Tension, including:

  • Learning how to create suspense and tension in a performance
  • Using music and timing
  • Exploring scripts to create suspense
  • Experimenting with tension toolkits – drums, masks, lighting, sound
  • Creating Assessment

Spring Term 2

Naturalism, including:

  • Stanislavski – key practitioner
  • Learning about Method Acting
  • Expermenting with voice, movement, interaction, staging
  • Creating a believable performance – setting and character
  • Performing Assessment

Summer Term 1

Gangs, including:

  • Learning the correct and safe practices for stage combat
  • Exploring stimuli – West Side Story, Hakka
  • Creating Assessment

Summer Term 2

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