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Year 8 Music

Year 8 Music: 2018-19

Year 8 MUSIC

Term of Study

Topic Covered


Autumn Term 1

Film Music

Music & The Media

Melody & Harmony, Timbre & Dynamics, Structure & Form

Atmosphere & Mood,Story Board

Cue Sheet, Leitmotif



James Bond Films


  • Performing
  • Listening

Autumn Term 2

Music & Space

Exploring Sounds

Texture, Timbre & Dynamics

Acoustic vs. Electronic Sounds

Programme Music – “The Planets” by Gustav Holst

Graphic Notation

Timbre & Instrumentation


  • Composing
  • Listening

Spring Term 1


Exploring motifs, polyrhythms and repetition

Rhythm, Pitch, Texture, Structure & Form

Cyclic Rhythms,Polyrhythms, Phase Shift

Structure,Rhythmic and Melodic motivic transformation

Textures & Layers


  • Performing

Spring Term 2

Jazz improvisation

Exploring Improvisation

Pitch, Melody & Harmony, Structure & Form

12 Bar Blues – Chords

Blues Scale, Improvisation

Walking Bass Lines

Ragtime Music

Chord Vamps

  • Performing
  • Listening

Summer Term 1


Exploring music for special occasions and looking at the role of the Fanfare at ceremonial events.

Pitch, dynamics, coronation, remembrance day. Harmonic series. Imitation. Timbre- commission- Brass Instruments

Natural instruments. Structure and form.

  • Performing

Summer Term 2

Horror Music

Exploring different instrumental timbres and dynamics in order to create tension.

Dynamics, crescendo, diminuendo, sforzando, accents, clash chords, dissonance,

  • Composing
  • Performing

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