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Year 9 Drama

Year 9 DRAMA

Term of Study

Topic Covered


Autumn Term 1

Humpty Files, including:

  • Exploration of new skills and styles of performance
  • Kitchen Sink Drama
  • Musical Theatre
  • Non-Naturalism- Brecht & Wheeller
  • Foundation for GCSE
  • Performing Assessment

Autumn Term 2

Blood Brothers, including:

  • Examining and exploring the context of a play
  • Using scripts to create setting and character
  • Developing characterisation skills – backstory, context and relationships
  • Practice of GCSE Unit 2
  • Performing Assessment

Spring Term 1

Non-Naturalistic Devising, including:

  • Learning about the plight of refugees and people involved in a crisis
  • Experimenting with puppetry
  • Application of techniques – puppets, poles, cloth
  • Creation of plot, character and setting
  • Creating Assessment

Spring Term 2

Warden X, including:

  • Brecht & Wheeller – key practitioners
  • To experiment with a piece of process theatre
  • Examining how a plot set within a Young Offenders Institution can develop through improvisation
  • Creation of character and backstory
  • Creating Assessment

Summer Term 1

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Year 9

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