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Year 9 Music

Year 9 Music: 2018-19

Year 9 MUSIC

Term of Study

Topic Covered


Autumn Term 1


Exploring Reggae & Syncopation

Rhythm, Pitch, Texture,

Melody & Harmony


Bass Line

Offbeat Chords




  • Listening
  • Performing

Autumn Term 2

Musical Variations

Developing Musical Ideas

Texture, Timbre & Dynamics, Melody & Harmony, Structure & Form

The Elements of Music

Varying Melodies

Ground Bass




  • Composition

Spring Term 1

Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll

Exploring Chords & Bass Lines

Pitch, Texture,

Melody & Harmony

Chords & Triads

Root, Third, Fifth

Bass Lines/Walking Bass Line

Chords & Chord Progressions

Twelve-bar Blues

Scat Singing


  • Performing

Spring Term 2

& Summer Term 1

Popular Song

Exploring Songs & Arrangements

Texture, Melody & Harmony, Structure & Form

Musical Arrangements

Cover Songs Popular Songs

Song Structure

Textures & Layers

Recording a Song

Music Technology

Digital Effects

  • Listening
  • Composition
  • Performing

Summer Term 2

Start of iGCSE Music

  • Listening, Performing and Composition

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